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Alexandra Austen

Managing Director

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Alexandra has worked in the care industry for the last 27 years. Alexandra’s experience in care started when she was 16caring for her mother who suffers from Huntington’s Disease. Alexandra has also worked in various roles as a care assistant in care homes although mainly in the domiciliary care sector.

Alexandra founded Blue Arrow Care because she wanted to put all the ideas she’s had over the years into a reality. Alexandra is passionate about making a difference and will strive to ensure that everyone who works for Blue Arrow Care is working towards the same goal to ensure we give a caring, compassionate service to all of our clients. We want to offer a service that is open, honest and reliable.

Being a care worker herself Alexandra is very passionate about treating staff right. Alexandra has set out for Blue Arrow Care to be one of the highest paid agency’s in the whole of London. Staff will be treated with the upmost respect and will be supported in what they do. 'Without carer's there is no company".

Alexandra has also set out to contribute 10% of Blue Arrow Cares' turnover to the Huntington’s Disease Association. This is something very close to Alexandra's heart, Having looked after her mother for the past 27 years. "We are a company that is not only reliable and trustworthy but one that really does have a genuine care for people. Being kind is natural and we put kindness at the forefront of what we do here at Blue Arrow Care"

Lucy Challis

Registered Care Manger

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Lucy brings 7 years of experience to Blue Arrow Care. Lucy's determination to make a difference to people's lives is what makes her ideally placed for this role. Lucy Started out as a care assistant at the age of 16. She dedicated her teenage years to her career in care. At the age of 19 Lucy was promoted to a filed care supervisor. Lucy has worked mainly with the elderly although has experience in working with young people with Autism and ADHD. Lucy was determined to open her own care company so that she and the team could inject their own personal touches on standing out for all the right reasons.

Lucy Is passionate about ensuring we as all are working as one to ensure we are a service that is not rushed and one that put everybody's minds at rest. Lucy is also a registered trainer and is heavily involved in overseeing & supporting staff through there training needs.

Lucy is heavily involved in the delivery of care calls. Every single client knows Lucy well and this will always be the case. Lucy delivers at least 20 hours per week in care calls. "When I became a manager it wasn't time for me to sit back and tell others what to do it was time for me to jump to the front of my team and lead them. I do what the carer's do and I always will because I love caring for people and I love being out working with the carer's.

Lucy has been heavily involved her whole life caring for her grandmother who has Huntington's disease. Lucy was inspired into the industry by her grandmother. Her needs are very complexed and carers have played a vital part in Susan's life for over 26 years.

Lucy is always up for new challenges, loves to smile and her overall attitudes to life is to be kind always.

"People have always asked me from a young age, how have you dedicated your years to care so early on and how do you manage working 14-15 hr days 7 days a week. My response has always been when you love your job you will always find the strength to keep going. I get up in the morning to go and make a difference and that is so rewarding.

Rachel Coleman

Care Coordinator

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Rachel joined Blue Arrow Care in 2017 as a Care Coordinator. Rachel initially joined Blue Arrow Care when the company established in 2016 as a care assistant.

The empathy, compassion and kindness she showed to all of our clients and their families was quickly noticed by all and we decided it was time for Rachel to progress in her career. We gave Rachel the opportunity to become a Care Coordinator.

Rachel has previous experience in the care industry. Rachel also dedicated her child hood and teenage years caring for her mother who was very ill. Rachel always showed she had experience, she showed so much passion and she is exactly the kind of person that we look for here at Blue Arrow Care.

Rachel is heavily involved with running and managing our companionship service and events that we hold for our clients and Carers here at Blue Arrow. Rachel is gaining experience in scheduling and working on the other side with staff, clients and families to ensure we are giving the best service possible.

In Rachel’s spare time she loves to read, walk her dogs and care for her 2 lovely children. Rachel’s drive and dedication to Blue Arrow Care shines through in all that she does.


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Blue Arrow Care’s cutest member of staff Dollie, Dollie is heavily involved in visiting clients and putting huge smiles on people’s faces. Dollie loves cuddles and loves to lick your face.

She also manages to make clients feed her lots of nice treats! Dollie will be put forward to become an professional therapy dog in 2018. She’s an absolute delight and also keeps us busy in the office to..